Labor day burnt ends

I’ve been running back and forth to the hospital to see my new baby girl Morgan so I haven’t reall had time to cook. However since this was a long weekend I got up early today to do some BBQing.

I was rummaging around in the freezer and found brisket point from a previous cook so I decided to make some Burnt Ends. Burnt ends are basically parts of the brisket that have been sauced, reseasoned and put back in the smoker.

I started by cutting my point into chunks.
Cut up Brisket

Then I added some BBQ sauce and some of my rub
sauced and rubbed bbq brisket chunks

After that I put them in the smoker for about 3 hours at 225. This is what I ended up with…

Tender, juicy chucks of beef. What a great taste!



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