A Good Steak

Sometimes you just want a good steak for dinner. Nothing fancy. Just steak. This doesn’t happen often in our house but it does happen. So I looked in the freezer and pulled out a couple of Porterhouses and thawed them out. Then I went outside and lit a chimney of charcoal in the ol’ Weber Kettle.

When the steaks were thawed out, I seasoned them up.
Seasoned Steak

For MrsMista’s steak, I used Lawry’s seasoning salt, black pepper and garlic powder. For mine, I used Montreal Steak Seasoning and some cayenne.

I tossed these bad boys on on the grill when the coals were hot and cooked them 8 minutes. I only flipped them once. That’s all you need. They came out great! Tender and juicy.

Juicy Steak

Served them up with some rice and corn and some green beans. A nice, simple dinner.



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